All Flipkart Quiz Answers 24 August 2021

Q 1) Rafael Nadal is a superstar in which sport?

Answer: Tennis

Q 2) The father of which of these actors is a film director?

Answer: Varun D

Q 3) In which state was Kalpana Chawla born?

Answer: Haryana

Q 4) Who among these is the son of a sportsman?

Answer: Saif Ali Khan

Q 5) Which airline uses the code 6E for their flights?

Answer: Indigo

Q 6) Which of these is coated on cookware to give it a non-sticky property?

Answer: Teflon

Flipkart Quiz Fake or Not Fake Answers 24 August 2021

Q 1) Saina Nehwal holds a brown belt in Karate.

Answer: Not Fake

Q 2) Katrina Kaif has seven siblings.

Answer: Not Fake

Q 3) Afghani is the currency of Afghanistan.

Answer: Not Fake

Flipkart Quiz Daam Sahi Hai Answers 24 August 2021

Q1) Which of these mirror fits under the budget of ₹ 37,000?

Answer: Zadro LED Light Vanity Mirror

Q 2) Slide to guess the MRP of Aldo Women Beige Heels Sandal.

Answer: ₹13999

Q 3) In which city was the brand Tommy Hifiger originated?

Answer: New York

Flipkart Kya Bolti Public Quiz Answers 24 August 2021

Question 1

Answer 1:

Question 2)

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Flipkart Crime Stories Quiz Answers 24 August 2021

Q 1) What acid was found in the wine?

Answer: Hydrofluoric Acid

Q 2) Which lead will help solve the case?

Answer: Find Mystery Women

Q 3) Who is the killer?

Answer: None

Flipkart Khel Paheliyon Ka Quiz Answers 24 August 2021

Q 1) Who am I?


Q 2) Who am I?


Q 3) Who am I?

Answer: KIARA

Flipkart Quiz Daily Trivia Answers 24 August 2021

Q 1) In tennis, what score follows a deuce?

Answer: Advantage

Q 2) Founded in 1947, what sport does NASCAR govern?

Answer: Auto Racing

Question 3) In which country is the hard court men’s tennis tournament ATP Cup played?

Answer: Australia

Q 4) Who is the first bowler to take a hattrick in a T201 match?

Answer: Brett Lee

Q 5) Which of these is a gymnastics pose?

Answer: Level