Today we going to talking about the Best 7 Smart Bulb for Home India 2021

In today’s world, the compunction of smart things increasing and the smart bulb is one of them. That’s why you are also searching best smart bulb in India for home improvement because the smart LED bulb is one of the main items. you landed on the best site Here you can get full information about the best smart bulb.

Before selecting this Best smart bulb for home I have researched for more than 10+ hours then I have written this article for you, that will solve your problem of finding the best one in 202

Selecting criteriaPrice

No of divce supported


Easy to install

SYSKA Wi-Fi Enabled Smart LED BulbSyska is America based company but very popular in the Indian market, I think you already know syska.

So First smart bulb coming from syska.


If you want a different color of bulb according to your mood them this one for you because it offers 16 million colors make any occasion extra special and allow to change colors as per your mood that is claimed by the syska.

Dives compatibility

It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant that offer you connect any device no need to buy any fixed one.

Time setup

It has also the function of time setup where you can easily set up your time, it has also alarm clock feature in this smart bulb, it has also inbuilt Wifi features.



wipro Wi-Fi Enabled Smart LED BulbWipro is Indian brand company that offers you different lighting and home appliance.


It offers you 16 million color shades according to your want. if you want to get relaxed after day work then you can turn on the blue light and get relaxed. and red light is best for party mood.

Dives compatibility

It also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant you can operate your smart bulb with any device.

No Gateway

No need for any additional gateway you easily control your bulb through any part of the world with one click.

Time setup

It has time schedule function where you can set up the turn on and turn off time of your bulb according to your need.

It has also a brightness adjust function.



Amazon Brand - Solimo Wi-Fi Smart LightThe third of this list is coming from the Amazon brand. The Solimo is the only smart bulb that has only a white to warm white color temperature range.

So if you don’t want other colors this is the one which is great since the other ones don’t give the soft golden light. The only problem is that it is available only with a B22 holder and not with a E27 holder which is pretty common now in lamps and hanging lights.

Using an adapter makes the bulb protrude out too much which is not desirable in some kind of light. Solimo definitely needs to have the E27 holder option inbuilt with a bulb.



Philips Smart Wi-Fi LED BulbOne of the better smart lights but on the higher side of money.  The installation took around half an hr as the lights were not blinking to get connected to wifi. The wiz app is a little blunt and can be improved as it gets disconnected every time when the power goes off or we switch off the bulb accidentally.

The colors are good. The scheduling can be done for switching on and off through the app. Its like adding one more effort to wake up in the morning or continue our sleep during night without thinking abt whether we have switched off the light or not.

It gets connected to alexa and seamless connectivity through echo dot, voice commands are also useful. Overall, its functionality is good but the pricing could be a little lesser than the current price.



Halonix Wi-Fi Enabled Smart LEDIt has separate LEDs for white and RGB sections.

White LEDs are 12 W but not the RGB LEDs which are relatively dimmer.

You can operate it in either RGB mode ( full spectrum) or white mode ( warm to cool white) and adjust the brightness in both modes.

For Alexa, they have “Halonix WiFi” skill which a mirror of the “Smart Life” app. Smart Life handles all the users, devices, and networks for Halonix.

For Google assistant use the “Smart Life” app from the menu as Halonix hasn’t been able to put the mirror authentication app in Google assistant yet, While their app suggests that there is a “Halonix WiFi”, which is not present.

Yes, the light turns on whenever power resumes, may it be a power failure or switching operation even if you have kept the light off before the failure and it is an expected behavior that helps users to use the bulb in network failure conditions.

As we know all the cheap smart devices are dependent on the third party for handling the smart capabilities, It is nice to have the basic offline operation when these manufacture and service contract fails.



Mi LED Smart BulbColours 

the colour scheme is incredible and the bulb is comfortable with lot of colour shades and presets. Colour temperature range is very healthy and you can choose from a Cool CFL Type white light or even a Yellow Conventional Light.


If you have a ceiling holder, I think the typical bulb, will nearly fill a mid-sized room to about 60%. Meaning, it is definitely bright to be used as a Room Light and not just a bedtime lamp. I’ve attached a Photo with No Light in the room which is pitch black and another with the MI BULB on 100% brightness and taken same picture from OnePlus 6T with no night mode to give you an assessment of the brightness.

Voice Commands

Voice commands like Changing and Setting Brightness and Colours works flawlessly from Alexa. The mood lighting and flow mode are obviously not available on Alexa App, but can be used from YEELIGHT or Mi Home App.



NISHICA B22 9-Watt WiFi Enabled Smart LED BulbThis is definitely the best bulb under 500 it offers same features as expensive smart bulbs like Xiaomi and Syska but it’s very cheap and has 16 million colors, very nice build quality,

WiFi Support and it is easy to set up and control. if you are looking for a smart bulb under this budget then this is King of Bulbs I suggest you




if you going to buy the Best 7 Smart Bulb for Home India 2021 then I hope you can get all the information about vegetable tools.