Today we going to talking about  7 best mic for video conferencing in india 2020

Hi, friends welcome to the article on the best microphone for video conference. The mic is a very important Gadgets. if we are doing video call meetings, recording any voice, for clear voice. 

Recently week we suffering from coronavirus pandemic and all the company, college and schools are closed .so All The employe are working from home and student of college and school are also studying from home from online classes.

And so much work shifted from offline to online. Metting is going through video conferencing, class is going through video conferencing, the webinar also through video conferencing love date also attended through a video call.
But sound matters, if you are attending a video conferencing meeting on your laptop we all know that the mic of our laptop does not catch a clear voice.
so your sound quality becomes poor which affects your meeting due to poor sound you can not properly collaborate with your employer, team.
So to improve your sound quality you need the Best mic for video conferencing.

Here is a List of the Best 7 mic for video conferencing

Rode NT-USB USB Condenser MicrophoneThe Rode NT-USB is an all-in-one recording package for plug-and-play studio quality recording needs of any kind be it vocals, pod-casting or musical instruments. With great audio quality and a tight pickup pattern, the microphone is very easy to use and can be combined with other accessories like a boom arm and shock mount to expand its usage comes in Black color with 1 Year of warranty.


  • it is a highly versatile side-address microphone that is ideal for recording singing.
  • it is compatible with all recording applications on both Windows and Mac OS based computers.
  • it has mix control On-mic.
  • Includes Tripod stand, pop shield and ring mount



AKG Lyra Ultra-HDAKG Lyra is Ultra-HD Multi-Mode USB Condenser Microphone,that isolates your target source from distracting background noise by rejecting unwanted sounds at the microphone back and captures and blends together sound equally on all sides; ideal for face-to-face interviews and’s Tight stereo Captures audio with greater stereo separation, room ambiance.


  • Microphone Performance Delivers 24-bit/192kHz High-Resolution Audio Quality.
  • Perfect for Podcasting, YouTube, Recording Vocals and Instruments, Game Streaming.
  • it is Compatible with  Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.



MXL Mics 770 Condenser Cardioid Microphone

We are moving to our next microphone that is MXL Mics 770 Condenser is manufacture by MXL company.MXL is a leading producer of various of microphones.

It’s a small diaphragms condenser is used in has been perfect for your video conferencing.


  • it has a Switchable bass cut and -10db pad.
  • Comes with shock mount and rugged carrying case.



Blue Yeti USB Micit comes with Custom Three-Capsule Array that Produces clear, powerful, broadcast-quality sound for YouTube, game streaming, podcasting, conference has Onboard Audio Controls.

you can Control the sensitivity of the mic capsules to achieve broadcast quality has four Pickup Patterns that allowing you to record in ways that would normally require multiple microphones.


  • it has Legendary Blue Broadcast Sound.
  • it has a Unique Positionable Design.



Blue Snowball iCE USB Micit comes with Custom Condenser has Cardioid Pickup Pattern that Captures your voice with clear, focused sound for streaming, podcasting and Skype calls.

it has an Adjustable Desktop Stand that improving sound quality while saving space on your desktop.


  • Record or stream in style with a classic that looks great on your desktop and on camera.



Boya by-MM1 Universal Cardioid Shotgun

Boya is a very famous and well-known company in the microphone compatible with smartphones, laptops,DSLR,pc you use where you want. It comes With 2 Cable, One is TRRS; one is TRS Cable.weight of the microphone is very light, you can carry anywhere easily. It catches only your sound, note that it catches lows more than highs, so if you have a deep manly voice you will need to tweak it a bit. Voice recorded by the microphone is clear


ZekPro USB Computer Microphone

Now we are talking to one of the best mic for video conferencing . it comes in black colour with 360 range through it catches clear has one button that allow you to mute or unmute according to your is comptable with your pc, mac, laptop.if you are buying to use in your laptop then it best for you.



what is microphone?


Microphone is device that convert your sound or voice in electrical signal.people also called as contain so many senstive component through which our sound convert into electrical signal.
the senstive transducer element of a microphone is called its element or capsule.first your voice converted into mechnical motion with help of diaphragm,then it converted into electrical siginal.
wireless mic hold radio transmittter

why microphone is useful?

if you are reading above article you difficulty know how sound effect you.the main purpose of use to increase your voice and clear your voice.

it is important part of sound recording system.

we are human beings we have certain limit to increase our voice but mic help us to increase your voice so loud .


what are types of mic?

Recent time so many types of mic used . Mainly three types of mic is common used.

1) Dynamic: it is also know as  moving-coil microphone. it work on electric magnitic is not much expensive .




5)Piezoelectric etc

what is the function of microphone ?

if you you are speaking in large room without mic you fell that your voice can’t reach whole room .

But this problem is solved by mic it convert your voice into electrical signal and send to amplifer that increase your voice.

so in simple word we can say that it increase our voice .


if your going to buy mic then i hope you  can get all the information about mic  and you can also get your best mic .


Best Mic for conference

Blue Microphone yeti usb is best mic for video conferencing. 

yes, you must have for zoom meeting.if you want clear voice.

Blue Microphone yeti USB is the best mic for Zoom meeting. 

The best microphone in India are

  • Rode NT-USB USB
  • Blue Microphone yeti USB
  • Boya by-MM1

The best Microphone to use in Zoom

  • Rode NT-USB USB
  • Blue Microphone yeti USB
  • Boya by-MM1